our history

In 1983, we started our history! Written by countless characters, we add over 30 years of courage, faith, and work. Along the way, we have had people who have made Acrilys a company recognized for international quality standards. We have adopted a sustainable position and ecological awareness in our philosophy. The investment in people and technology is continuous, providing knowledge of the needs of our market and the conditions to provide fast, effective and innovative solutions.

Today, we are a company recognized in the local and global scenario – in the supply chain of plastic parts in the heavy industry automotive sector, bus coachers and agricultural machinery and equipment industries – for the capacity, technology and innovative profile.

We are a team! Everything we do in our daily routine involves people. They are suppliers, customers, employees; but above all, they are people. People who make up Acrilys are our greatest value. We combine training, quality of life, appreciation and results.