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Sustainability is a commitment to us. Our position regarding this subject is incorporated into the corporation’s philosophy. We use renewable alternatives that contribute to environmental responsibility. Sustainability and social responsibility are highly disseminated at all levels in our company, educating people and organizations that relate to Acrilys. Efficient natural lighting and ventilation systems and the innovative rainwater collection system are among the major initiatives in favor of sustainability. The collection project covers 12,000 m² and has storage capacity of over 300,000 liters of water. Rainwater is used for cooling of the entire machinery of the industrial area. We measure our water consumption and we seek alternatives to reduce and reuse 100% of the water in the gardens, bathrooms, locker rooms and in other applications. This same pattern was applied to the branch built in Lajeado Grande – São Francisco de Paula. We continuously exercise and promote Social Responsibility with campaigns in favor of society. We open our doors to technical visits, so that the community can increase its knowledge of the plastics processing industry in general.