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Laminates Plastics

Specializing in injection and Vacuum Forming
Own Tooling


About us

In 1983 we started our history! Written by countless characters, we add over 30 years of courage, faith and work. Along the way, we have had people who have made Acrilys a company recognized for international quality standards. We have adopted a sustainable position and ecological awareness in our philosophy. The investment in people and technology is continuous, providing knowledge of the needs of our market and the conditions to provide fast, effective and innovative solutions. Today, we are a company recognized in the local and global scenario – in the supply chain of plastic parts in the heavy industry automotive sector, bus coachers and agricultural machinery and equipment industries – for the capacity, technology and innovative profile.

We are a team! Everything we do in our daily routine involves people. They are suppliers, customers, employees; but above all, they are people. People who make up Acrilys are our greatest value. We combine training, quality of life, appreciation and results.


In over 30 years of activities, we had the opportunity to understand the needs and goals of several companies in Brazil and abroad. We are ready to serve markets – national and international – to manufacture lining in the heavy automotive line, technical and functional parts for trucks, buses, agricultural machinery and equipment, and products for household appliances. Our structure and aligned operation, allows us to develop projects that meet all needs. Our lamination, thermoforming, injection, die shop and paint departments are equipped with the most modern technology and high production capacity. We produce over six thousand items in plastic finishing and parts, our professionals are able to adapt projects and develop immediate solutions in partnership with the customer.

We work for quality and efficiency, meeting the requirements of our customers. With an internal laboratory to test and control raw materials and the production process, we guarantee the reliability of colors and resistance to impact. We maintain our quality management system certified by ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016.

High Tech

Innovating and being at the forefront to offer solutions and technology is in the DNA of Acrilys. Investment in the latest technology together with skilled professionals enables to execute projects with agility, from product development to the tryout of dies.


We have our own die shop. We offer a cutting-edge technological structure, striving for excellence of our products and services.


High productivity equipment with machine capacity from 40 to 1,350 tons.


The Vacuum Forming sector of Acrilys has the latest technology. The process includes the laminator with lamination of up two layers of coextrusion and maximum width of 2,600 mm; the Thermoforming sector, with machine capacity up to 8m² and the cutting sector with a 5-axis robot, providing precision and agility in this step of the process as well.


The paint sector of Acrilys has a layout and equipment that meet the high level of quality demanded by customers. Our paint booths work with exhaust systems, pressurization and filters, including water curtains that contribute to environmental preservation.